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A further developing of the worlds first and very successful experimental-kit in a case with open work area above the Tesla-coil especially developed for biological-technical experiments.

scalarwave device

The demand of the scientific world for reproducibility of the experiments has been satisfied with the construction which is based on Tesla´s ideas and the disposal of the demo-kit (800€) and the experimental-kit (1400€). Inspired by six at any time reproducible main experiments of the special characteristics of scalar wave transmissions from the book "Scalar Wave Technology" several researchers did some further experimentation, mainly interested in the biological properties of the scalar wave. Especially these researchers demanded a specifically for their research projects improved type of construction, because they experienced some handling difficulties with the more open test arrangement. So this was the reason for developing our scalar wave device (Skalarwellengerät) SWG-A. Every device is handmade and consists of two columnar cases, which contain the antennas and electronic. The built-in timer is very functional and easy to use - as the rest of the device. You just have to connect the two towers with the connection cable and plug in the power supply unit in order to start your experiments.

scalarwave device

A very special ability of the scalar wave device is the circular and patent Teslacoil, which is accessible from above. Within this area you can place substances with biological information directly in the field of the pancake coil. So that were the required specifications of the scalarwave-researchers for further experiencing of the biological-technical properties and their desire to modulate "biological information" to the carrier wave. We ask for understanding that we will not write own experimentation guide within the field of biology as electronics manufacturers. We are building these devices in terms of our customers and would like to wish all the researchers out there many successful experiences with this brand new 'Skalarwellengerät' "SWG-A" for the welfare of human and science. This device is available in our shop.