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The starting point of my essay is, first, the contradiction between the usual calculation of dielectric losses on the imaginary part of the dielectric constant (permittivity ε) on the one hand and the definition of the speed of light (c ² = 1 / ε • μ) on one other. A complex ε would inevitably lead to a complex c and, although we are already taught in school, the constancy of c! Consequently, the material constant ε should be constant and not complex!

I have pointed to this abuse on all my teaching events among other things in Clausthal, Berlin or Heidelberg. With pleasure I also remember the colloquium at the university of Tübingen 2002 where after my talk the assistants in the middle rows could not keep back a wide grin, and the students on the rear places raved with pleasure when her professors were at loggerheads in the first row about the contradiction.

The error search leads over the poynting sentence to the vector potential A. At this point new abysses open. It shows quickly how and where the whole electrodynamics get entangled in contradictions.

The vector potential A assumes, as everybody knows that no magnetic monopoles may exist. Mathematically expressed it should be div B = div rot A = 0.

On the 16th of October, 2009 16 authors have reported in the magazine Science about the discovery of magnetic monopoles. For the vector potential and all derivations constructing on it this new discovery means the final death blow from mathematical-physical view.

Superficial amateur physicists will maybe suggest that the Helmholtz society and the universities involved in the discovery may not use A any more from now on, while all the others must continue so as if nothing had happened.

Or one agrees on the fact that A only from Tuesday till Thursday remains valid and lays all lectures to the electrodynamics in this period.

However, those who pursue responsible science, know that a new way must be found now, a way to an electrodynamics free of contradiction, without vector potential A and without complex ε!

Whirl physics offers such a way, with the derivation of potential whirls over a potential density vector b which substitutes for the outdated vector potential adequately. Also the dielectrical losses, from now on as whirl losses of disintegrating potential whirls, can be calculated in the electrodynamics free of contradiction without complex ε.

Besides, b is by no means postulated but derived from approved physical legitimacies according to textbook.

The title picture shows the scientist Ruder Boskovic (1711-1787) born in Dalmatia. Why the founder of the modern field theory may be valid as a mentor concerning the question standing in the centre of a uniform physical theory, discloses only in the second half of the book (from the 5th chapter) where the to the derivation from b successfuly used approach is applied for the second time. If gravity and electromagnetic interaction are equally derived, the won field dependence of all longitudinal dimensions from Boscovic explains the already in 1755 described „breathing of the earth“.

The end forms my in 1992 developed objectivity theory which snatches with its transformation regulation the last secrets from physics. Exemplarily the neutrino with its known qualities is derived.

If the base is created in theoretical physics first of all, hopes for a technical use of Neutrinopower as an energy resource of the future are legitimate.

Radolfzell in November 2009